Post-baby body: Snap Back?!

“Love yourself. A mother’s body is an amazing place. After all, it is where the world began.”

Quotes like these do help a lot when I get really down about my postpartum body. With social media it’s really hard to stop comparing yourself to others. I constantly see all these fit mums and their snap-back bodies after giving birth and I’m like 😭.

I’ve always been a fairly confident girl when it came to my looks and body image however I find myself at the lowest I’ve ever been now that I’ve experienced pregnancy and child birth. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy to be a mum and to have had the gift of pregnancy (thank God) but I just didn’t think about the aftermath too much. I genuinely wasn’t worried about my postpartum body to come while I was pregnant. I even embraced my stretch marks as they appeared. However, it’s now 4 months after I gave birth and I don’t seem to be losing any weight despite breastfeeding full time. I understand that of course it has a lot to do with diet and exercise as well but to be honest I had so many people around me telling me “don’t worry, breastfeeding will naturally melt all the pounds away”. Well my pounds don’t seem to be melting (in fact I think they are frozen?!).

I’m sure I’m worrying about this too soon as 4 months postpartum isn’t really that long, but I just really want to feel comfortable and confident in my own skin again…

I think I just need to set myself realistic mini-goals over the course of a year so that I don’t overwhelm myself.

Did you ever feel low about your post-baby body? What helped you overcome it?  I’d love to hear your experiences and tips, please comment below.
Later, lovelies!x 


13 thoughts on “Post-baby body: Snap Back?!”

  1. I gained 80 lbs with one and 70lbs with the other. I couldn’t breastfeed and I also “gave” myself, if that’s possible, postpartum because I worried about my weight so much after. I was 128 lbs before pregnancy and 200 pounds after 😱 I don’t know about breastfeeding but I do know about eating healthy and exercising. DO NOT STRESS OVER IT! It’s not going to help at ALL. Put your cutie in a stroller and go for a walk. Eat healthy and little by little you’ll be back to “normal”. Sending hugs πŸ€—


    1. I also went to just over 200lbs and it’s a number that I’ve never seen before so hence the stress and shock. I appreciate your tips and support. You’re absolutely right, I just need to start focusing on eating healthy and increasing walks and I’m sure I’ll start seeing results. Thank you lovely 😘😘


      1. I meant *postpartum depression but I think you got what I meant. I hope. Lol! Yes! I had never ever been 200lbs either. But, trust me, if you make it a goal and you truly want to be back you will. Trust me. And THANK YOU such a GREAT compliment from such a beautiful momma. You’re too sweet!! 😘😘

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  2. I lost 40lbs just by eating healthy and going for walks with baby – that was the closet I got to exercise! 8 months later, the weight is still coming off and I’m almost at my target weight. I exercise now I’m able to and still eat well.
    Take your time and if you set a weight loss goal, make it realistic! Good luck!

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    1. Aw that’s great, well done you!! Yea you’re right I need to just set realistic goals to be honest and stop being so impatient with weight loss. Thanks for the reminder, appreciate it 😘😘


  3. Hugs. I didn’t work out, I ate everything and breastfed like a cow. I think what helped me lose weight was post partum massage every single day for 4 months after delivery. I suggest you start it if possible. And also, know that it took your body 10 months to grow, give it atleast 12 to come back!

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  4. Postpartum massage? I’m interested, tell me more!!!lol and yea you are right, I should expect minimum 1 year before I’m back to my normal body. Xx


  5. You are not alone! I snacked on EVERYTHING! Don’t be too hard on yourself though. I went on walks with baby, snacked more on fruit and less of chocolate. I tried doing mini workouts at home whilst baby was in her bouncer or sleeping. It’s all about timing and what works best for you. X


    1. Thank you lovely! I like the idea of doing mini workouts at home, fitting gym time in would be hard with the baby obv. Do you have any suggestions on any workouts that worked well at home?xx


      1. Oh great I’ll make sure to check that out. Thanks again lovely!😘 (p.s. well done cos you look super hot πŸ’ƒπŸΎ) x

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