Birth story: unexpected moments 

A friend requested that I write my birth story to share on the blog. But to be honest, birth stories can be a bit borning and long. Instead I thought I’d just share some of the very unexpected moments that happened leading up to, during and after, the birth of my first child.

Waters breaking. The movies have lied to me my whole life. I really thought there would be a huge gush of a waterfall coming down in between my legs but instead all I got was a tiny trickle. I honestly thought I had just pi**ed myself. Until that ‘trickle’ kept going and going and going all the way until baby came out!

Gas and Air. Oh my God, this stuff was amazing! I waited for quite a while into my labour before I decided to pick up the gas and air, and boy was I happy about that. I had no clue it came with hallucinations… Let me share some of the gibberish that I said whilst I was ‘high’ on this stuff. So firstly, I honestly saw a zoobat in the room. I told my hubby, mum and the midwife that I was busy catching Pokemons. I was very surprised that they couldn’t see the damn zoobat flying in front of us. Secondly, the gas and air made my lips so dry that I kept puckering them up saying ‘I look like Donald Trump, look, I look like Donald Trump’. Thirdly, I kept asking if I sounded like a man and if I was talking really (reeeeally) slowly. They all kept saying no and I kept getting angry, why were they lying to me?!

That damn placenta. So, again Hollywood has lied to me so many times. Most mums I’ve seen giving birth seem to be over all the pain once they push the baby out. Different story for me, mate! I pushed my Khadija out, the high of seeing and holding her for the first time was amazing. That didn’t last long! I quickly begged to have my gas and air back because that damn placenta decided to continue my labour. What the hell? I wasn’t prepared for this. Once that thing came out of me, THAT’S when I felt like labour was over. 

Alright there’s a million more bits I could share from my birth story but I don’t want this post to drag. 

What’s something funny or very unexpected that happened in your birth story? I’d love to hear, comment below!

Amina xx

10 thoughts on “Birth story: unexpected moments ”

  1. Lol!!! I was at a store when my water broke, and yes, it felt like I peed a bit. Hubby didn’t believe me and kept staring at my crotch while I kept telling him to hurry up, we needed to go, it was my first pregnancy I wasn’t sure what to expect, he really thought I was kidding 🤦🏻‍♀️ I was so mad! Men I tell ya 🤣

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  2. Hey

    Funny story my husband wasnt there when my eldest was born with c section as blood makes him faint so it wasnt until the second one that he saw the placenta. I remember a few hours later we were on the ward and he was like what was that weird thing that came out it looked like an alien😂😂😂😂


    1. Omg that literally made me laugh at loud! 😂😂😂men! Haha but he’s right, that thing does looks like an alien, so gross! Can’t believe some people choose to eat it! Thanks for sharing that funny story 😂x

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