‘First Year of Motherhood’ -advice I would give myself

I did it, I survived! My beautiful baby girl is 1 year old, Mashallah. Below are 5 things I'd tell myself a year ago when I was brand new to this thing called motherhood.

1. Sleep. Will. Come.
All new mums know this struggle. The first few months of motherhood was all about sleep (or lack of!). Back then it felt like I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel, but hey new mama don't fret! You'll start getting some decent sleep sooner than you think, I promise. Stay strong and remember this phase isn't forever. (In the mean time remember, coffee is bae.)

2. Not everyday 'snap-back', sometimes give it a year.
During my pregnancy I went a bit nuts with cravings (ice cream per se) and I dealt with the aftermath once I gave birth and I realised I was the heaviest I'd ever been. It was a tough reality to deal with. To the first time new mums out there, don't compare yourself to all these IG mums and their '1 week postpartum snap-back' bodies. Don't be hard on yourself, everyone is built differently. Take small steps to get yourself back to normal (check these out…) and before you know it you're starting to feel and look like your old self. I still feel like I have some more weight to get rid off but Alhamdulilah I've learnt to be happy and content with the journey.

3. Relax a bit more.
As a first time mum I was so adamant to do everything 'right'. As well as being new to motherhood, I was also new to being a 'housewife'. I found myself getting overwhelmed with forcing myself to stay on top of cleaning, washing, cooking etc. There were days I felt so guilty because I hadn't really spent any actual play time with the baby because I was so eager to finish loads of washing or hoovering. Now a year later, I would tell myself to just relax woman! The dishes can wait, it's not the end of the world. Some days just spend quality time with your baby without having to check off a to-do list. Time really does fly and you'll look back and regret wasting time on silly chores instead of loving on your new favourite bundle of joy.

4. Don't compare.
Every parent has a unique journey and every child has a unique journey. Don't waste time comparing lifestyles with other new parents. Focus on your own amazing new journey, thank God and trust it.

5. Trust your instincts more than other's advice.
This last point isn't so much something I would tell myself, but for other brand new mums out there. People will give you parenting advice, lots of it. Sometimes unasked and unwanted. Don't feel like you need to take on every advice other experienced mums give you. You might be new to this motherhood thing but trust your instincts, you already know what's best for you and your babes. I'm very proud of myself that I stuck to my guns with things like choosing to exclusively breastfeed even when I had plenty of unwanted advice from other experienced mothers. I'm sure most people mean well with their unwanted comments and advice; just nod and smile, while it flies in one ear and out the other. (P.S. you'll also have some people without kids giving YOU unwanted parenting advice, my tips for dealing with them are probably not as nice.)

If you're a new mother reading this, congrats! Hope some of these points have helped. To the more experienced mamas, what advice would you go back in time and give yourself? Comment below, I'd love to hear!

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3 thoughts on “‘First Year of Motherhood’ -advice I would give myself”

  1. Great read. I told myself the same thing and my soon to be 2 year old is happy and healthy and thats all that matters allhamdulilah. Great post and I would like to add to make sure new mum’s look after themselves. It could be as small as making yourself a cup of tea for that 5 mins ‘me time or going out with friends. It’s so important! Great read x


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