From Fashion Conscious to Fashion-Unconscious🤦🏾‍♀️

Before I was a mother or a mummy-to-be, I had a big interest in fashion and following trends. I spent a lot of my free time shopping or window-shopping. Most of my hard-earned cash at that time was probably spent in the malls, vintage shops and online, scouring for the next item to complete a new look. Buying new clothes genuinely brought me joy. Well, you can guess what happened next.

Pregnancy obviously brought her two friends along: fat and swelling (insert eye-roll). These new friends of mine made me change my complete wardrobe content to anything other than trendy and fashionable. It turned more into ‘comfortable’ and ‘what fits?’.

All shoes that consisted of ANY kind of heel were dismissed to the black hole part of the wardrobe (you know where you find a bunch of forgotten pieces covered in dust…).

I went from wearing bright colours, prints, different materials to mostly everything black and loose (or stretchy)! This continued even after pregnancy, because another friend joined the group called mummy-pouch (insert 2nd eye-roll).

Anyway fast-forward a whole year and I’m finally starting to find my fashion-mojo again (slowly, but at least it’s creeping). Feels good to actually want to go to stores to try on a bunch of items just to get the feel of an outfit in my head. (Btw, it’s only enjoyable minus the points mentioned here.)

Here are some of my new ‘hooyo-fashion’ accessories:

Loving my latest bag purchase! Of course it’s an across-body bag because that’s ALL I ever wear since becoming a hooyo (hands need to be free to push a stroller or carry a little human of course). I’ve never had a round bag before, at first I wasn’t really into it but safe to say it’s a grower. Love pairing it with my round-ish sunglasses too. (Anna Sui Paris x Maxmara)

I call these shoes my ‘re-introduction to wearing heels’. The pre-motherhood me would say these are the lowest heels I’ve ever owned, the post-mama me says ‘OMG it’s the Burj Khalifa!’. Ok I exaggerate, they’re obviously not quite as high as the Burj Khalifa but basically anything that lifts off the ground is a start for me. Anyway, I’m loving neutral/nude shades lately so this definitely grabbed my fancy. It’s from good old affordable New Look.

I’m learning to add new colours to my hijab/ turban game. I’m in love with the pink tones. I’ve never really had any pink in my scarves collection before so it’s exciting for me. I’m lucky I live in Dubai so I can get scarves in any colour/ material for cheap. I got these two (plus 2 more) all for under £5.

Whats your mama-fashion-journey like? Did it change for the better or worse?😂 I’d love to hear, comment below.Xx


6 thoughts on “From Fashion Conscious to Fashion-Unconscious🤦🏾‍♀️”

  1. 😂😂love your writing girl. I definitely relate, when I first became a mom I literally just forgot all about putting effort in how I look. It all came down to comfort! But two kids down the line and I’m nych better at investing in my self care and fashion.

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  2. Such a relatable post doll. It’s so easy for us to get stuck in our comfort bubbles with the babies and forget how we look. I was a mess when I had my Lo but I gradually got back into the swing of things the older she got and when I developed a routine 😂😂😂

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