Why are mums so obsessed with ‘me-time’?

Omg as soon as you become a hooyo you learn to understand why ‘me-time’ is so damn important! Before becoming a mum I never even thought about ‘me-time’ the way I do now.

Now, it’s honestly something I DEFINITELY NEED to have and not just something I sometimes want. I need it because me-time = self-care. And we all know that if a mum isn’t taking care of herself, she probably won’t do her best with the little one. Domino effect and that.

I’m interested in how ‘me-time’ can mean different things to different hooyos. One mum might consider 30 mins of peace and quiet enough, whilst another mum might need a whole afternoon out with friends in order to recharge. But one thing all mums have in common is the desperate need to be able to just go to the toilet ALONE WITH THE DOOR CLOSED (🙄 yes I’m eye-rolling at all you babies and toddlers).

Anyway, here are some of the answers of the polls I posted over on @TheHooyoBlog

As the results shows, most of the mums that voted only get to have some ‘me-time’ about once a week, compared to the mums that get it daily.

So I next asked this:

The results here were much closer as you can see. (I love my toddler but I definitely land somewhere in the 42% 🙋🏾‍♀️)

The last question I posted was:

I got lots of answers from so many mums. There seemed to be a common thread in most answers, something along the lines of: “a nice cup of tea and a movie”. I’d say I’m more of a ‘coffee-and-trash-tv-kinda-mum’ though.

You can read some of the actual answers below. Feel free to connect with these mums on IG and show some love 🙂

“Go swimming, movies or spend time with friends.” – N.M.Elmi

“Hairdressers and a pedicure if not just a loooong bath.” – Seynab

“Read, reflect and lay back.” –Hoda

“Eating, reading, socialising, have a long shower and exercise.” –Umm Nusaybah

“Sleep 🙈” – Qadan

“Read, watch a program, sometimes I’m also guilty of cleaning in my me time 🤦🏾‍♀️.” –Nasra

“Leave the house childless and husbandless.” –ItsMamaXO

“Home spa, read novels, catch up with shows. I’m not a mom but my job is as demanding 😂.” –Rita_Sey

“Bath, face masks, soak my feet, burn bukhoor and watch my fave shows with a cuppa tea.” –Camillia

I’d love to hear how you choose to spend your alone time, whether you’re a parent or not. Comment below 🙂


2 thoughts on “Why are mums so obsessed with ‘me-time’?”

  1. it is so so so important to take care of ourself before we take care of babies. I enjoy this post because I know from experience why it’s so important to take some time out for the mother. Thank you dear, I following on Instagram

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