‘Expat Hooyo’ series: Samsam- Simply A Mama

This week's expat mum feature is by the lovely Samsam from Simply A Mama blog. Learn more about her journey from Australia to Kenya! Where do you live? Nairobi, Kenya Where are you from? Melbourne, Australia How long have you been an Expat Hooyo? I moved to Kenya late 2014 however I traveled back to give birth in… Continue reading ‘Expat Hooyo’ series: Samsam- Simply A Mama

‘Expat Hooyo’ series: HealthyBitesWithAyan

The first hooyo to feature on this new series is the lovely Ayan from HealthyBitesWithAyan. She has shared her exciting story of being an expat mum with us. Asalamu alikum my name is Ayan and I live in Saudi Arabia with my husband and 3 amazing daughters. Almost 8 years ago myself and my then… Continue reading ‘Expat Hooyo’ series: HealthyBitesWithAyan

‘Before Vs. After’- 10 lifestyle changes that came along with Motherhood

So I knew life would change soon as I became pregnant. But I didn't really sit down and think about all the small 'lifestyle' changes I would go through. Let me share a few with you... 1. Before: I wasn't the biggest 'heel-wearer' but I would throw on a pair of wedges or chunky heels every… Continue reading ‘Before Vs. After’- 10 lifestyle changes that came along with Motherhood

Hooyo taught me… (20 life lessons I learnt from my Mother)

Hooyo taught me that I shouldn't fear anyone but Allah (God). Hooyo taught me that beauty comes from within and to love the skin I'm in. Hooyo taught me the power of dua (prayer). Hooyo taught me that family is the most important thing in the world. Hooyo taught me that I am loved unconditionally.… Continue reading Hooyo taught me… (20 life lessons I learnt from my Mother)

The little things date-night reminded me I missed…

So, tonight was the first date-night me and hubby had in a long time and the first time we went to the cinema together since we became parents (6months now!). So you can imagine how excited we both were. My father in law is in town visiting for a few days so of course we… Continue reading The little things date-night reminded me I missed…

Guilt over using food for play? 

As a preschool teacher, I've always struggled with a bit of guilt whenever I've used food for children's activities. Growing up I was taught 'don't play with your food!'. But as an early years educator I know from first hand experience how much a child can learn from, and with,  sensory play. One way of… Continue reading Guilt over using food for play? 

How to keep your kids safe on social media

If you do choose to post pictures and videos of your child on a public platform then please make sure you think of the following safety precautions as you never know what bad cyber people could be paying extra attention to your posts. There's been many a cases of identity thefts or worse. Location. Make… Continue reading How to keep your kids safe on social media

Post-baby body: Getting back on track without being overwhelmed…

If you are like me and overwhelmed by the pressures of losing that post-baby body; try following these small changes and steps that have so far been working well for me. Put down that ice-cream (and cookies, cakes, chocolates!) I've fully stopped snacking on bad stuff and swapped to having good old fruits instead whenever I'm… Continue reading Post-baby body: Getting back on track without being overwhelmed…

Mysterious Girl? -Social media privacy and kids

"Snapchat will delete it after 24 hours anyway!" So, I have a lot of friends and family asking me why I don't post pictures or videos that show Khadija's face. It's a simple answer: me and hubby both chose not to give Khadija a social media footprint until she's old enough to decide for herself… Continue reading Mysterious Girl? -Social media privacy and kids

Post-baby body: Snap Back?!

"Love yourself. A mother's body is an amazing place. After all, it is where the world began." Quotes like these do help a lot when I get really down about my postpartum body. With social media it's really hard to stop comparing yourself to others. I constantly see all these fit mums and their snap-back… Continue reading Post-baby body: Snap Back?!